The Apartment Industry is one of the largest Industries in the United States.

Just about every major industry is represented by an Association. The Mid-Missouri Apartment Association is dedicated to the belief that by organizing and building a strong local association that supports a strong state and national association, the chain of communication and awareness can be strengthened. Only through organizations that help carry the banner of free enterprise; that inform and educate their members in the game of professional operations; that link together owners, managers, builders, and service companies that are dependent on the future of a stabilized apartment industry, can we hope to retain a favorable climate for profitable business operation.

The purpose of this organization shall be:

  • To advance the general welfare of the rental housing industry.
  • To function cooperatively with the Missouri Apartment Association and the National Apartment Association and its affiliated associations.
  • To participate for the purpose of mutual benefit in an information exchange with all state and local affiliated associations of the Missouri Apartment Association and the National Apartment Association.
  • To encourage a high appreciation of the objectives and responsibilities of apartment owners and operators in providing adequate privately owned housing.
  • To promote the enactment and enforcement of local, state and federal laws beneficial to the apartment industry and free enterprise.
  • To disseminate useful information to all members and inspire them to further educate themselves in the practical features of their apartment operations.
  • To advocate a Code of Ethics to maintain high professional standards and sound business methods among its members for the best interests of the industry and public.