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USPS Delivery Mode Conversion

Delivery Mode Conversion

As many of you know the Postal Service is shifting it’s business model to continue to be viable in the future. Many of those changes will not affect you in any way but I wanted to reach out to you today to discuss several that will.

  1. All new deliveries Nationwide will be in a centralized format.
    What this means is whether it’s an apartment, residential, house, or business any new delivery will be received in a Cluster Box Unit on the street. The Postal Service is getting away from the door to door delivery with every new delivery.
  2. The Postal Service has revised the POM giving the USPS the autonomy to make changes to current mode of delivery.
    The Postal Service is not currently unilaterally changing any current modes of delivery. But it now has the authority to do so.

That leads us to why I’m contacting you today. The Postal Service would like to convert you and all of your properties to a Centralized form of delivery. We will purchase new CBU’s, pour a concrete pad, and install the boxes on your properties. This is not something that you would need to pay for and be reimbursed, rather the Postal Service will cover all of the costs from the beginning. The first step in doing so would be to sign a conversion request. From there my team will come out to your site, walk the grounds with your property managers and negotiate the best spot for the boxes for both parties. The number of locations per complex will be determined by numerous factors, such as complex size, parking, safety ect.  Each box contains 16 keylocked secure compartments for tenants, as well as an outgoing mail slot and two parcel lockers. No longer will your mail carrier be bringing packages to your office for your tenants to retrieve.

They will be locked and secured in one of the parcel lockers. Should any of your tenants be elderly or disabled they can request a Hardship Delivery and your local carrier will still take their mail straight to their door.

During the process my team and I will send out several notices to your tenants; one letting them know that the Postal Service has come to an agreement to begin this project, and a second letting them know when the change will take place. We will direct them to call the local Post Office with any question and implore you and your staff to do the same. It is our intention to take the brunt of any complaints that arise from this change. We understand that no one likes change and hope to shield your staff from any discord.

This program is funded by the US Postal Service Headquarters, it is our understanding that IF or WHEN the Postal Services decided to go to a more radical approach of unilaterally requiring properties to convert, that the funding will not be available to purchase the equipment.  I implore you all to contact me at you earliest convenience so that we may begin the process of converting your properties.

If you are ready to get started, simply fill out the conversion request, sign, and email it back to me. If you have any questions you can reach me by email or cell phone below.  Thank you for your time.


Michael Beutel
Manager Customer Service

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2013 NAA Capitol Conference

The 2013 NAA Capitol Conference in March was a huge success. Representatives from across the country gathered in Washington, DC for great seminars, nationally known speakers, and governmental affairs discussions. Affiliates gathered on Capitol Hill to visit their representatives and congressmen to discuss current issues which affect the apartment industry on both the national and state level.

Read the Capitol Hill Report from MAA President Steve Lightner


Gary Wilson, NAA Chairmen Alexandria Jackiw, and MAA President Steve Lightner at the NAA PAC and Better Government Affairs Fundraiser


Region 5 Representatives (MO, KS, OK, NE, IA): Front row left to right: Tisha Cannizzo, Jackie Klacik, Gene Eckel, Jeannette Cox, Gary Wilson, Rosann Vaughn, Janie Bailey, Marianne Lee. Back row: Carl Handly, Jeremey Hummel, Heather Benton, Tina Padavich, Gary Goss, Debbie Haukenberry, Leah Thibault, Cheryl Lightner, Steve Lightner, Becky Weaver, Keri Cooper, Anna Rohlfing, Liz Stryker, Libby Dischert, Dennis Watts

The Capitol Conference is the apartment industry’s only national event focused on educating our members on critical federal legislative and regulatory issues impacting your businesses and the industry at large. Our industry’s involvement in the political process is not a choice – it’s just good business.  So make plans today for the 2014 NAA Capitol Conference.

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